Alone on your own !

Under attack in the wild


Risk Statistics: For those who go into the wild: The worst enemy of survival is often not nature or animals, but the human being - in the form of crime and terror. This can not only happen while being in the wilderness and "hot regions" of the world, but even at home in daily life.

Our Wilderness Self-Defender course is focusing on methods, techniques and tactics that are rarely or not trained in Europe and especially adapted to the conditions in the wild.


CTS Krav Maga:

In Crime + Terror Survival we use CTS Krav Maga to survive even highly dangerous attacks against ourselves (self-defense), as well as against others, family, friends, companions, team mates (third party protection).


With and without weapon:

Self-defense or third-party-protection has to use unarmed techniques, if no weapon is available or is not ready for use fast enough due to the element of surprise, or by using a variety of melee / contact weapons whenever possible and legal.


Basic principles:

CTS Krav Maga fully relies on the principles of effectiveness, reliability and rationality. - Our training focus is on highly dangerous scenarios where there is a real threat to life and health, whether through unarmed or armed attacks. In the armed attacks, we cover every weapon, from knives to heavy weapons of terrorists, or weapons of war such as assault rifles, which are common in Africa and other "hot regions" of the world.


We know the dangers of Crime + Terror based on our professional career. However, these risks can affect anyone traveling to the wild or "risky" destinations for personal or professional reasons. Even more, these risks apply to professional anti poaching rangers.


CTS Krav Maga and Bushcraft:

We train in the wild at beautiful and suitable spots, which are plenty in our wildlife reserve. For Weapon-Krav Maga training we use spears, lances / walking sticks, clubs and knives, which we make ourselves from different materials found in the wilderness. As in the Stone Age, hand axes, bone weapons and animal horns are turned into weapons or used to make defensive weapons.


Ondjou Wilderness Reserve - perfect training conditions:

In our huge, 10qkm training area all the disciplines of the Wilderness Self-Defense can be practiced in the wild nature, which gives even advanced martial art sportsmen this special experience to practise with us on Ondjou. Ondjou offers the best natural and climatic conditions for outdoor self defense training. Our twice football-field-sized CTS training area in the middle of the bush gives us first-class training conditions and the "exotic" environment .


Our participants:


Wilderness Guides, Anti-Poaching Ranger and SERE Experts who need this training module as part of their SurvivalZone training course with us. Their Crime + Terror Survival training is accordingly particularly challenging.


Safety-conscious people who want to be able to show moral courage in extreme situations in order to protect others or themselves


Security Professionals or those who want to be, who want to be trained and or to further improve their qualifications and who want to better prepare for emergencies in the course of their profession


Sport / Combat Shooters who want to train in contact combat under ideal training conditions, and who want to increase their defensive power through non-shooting techniques while experiencing the magnificent nature of Namibia.


Martial artists who want to defend themselves against criminal or terrorist attacks even better - not only for the urban "jungle" but also under wilderness conditions - e.g. on adventure trips or in risky parts of the earth.


Adventure travelers who want to prepare for dangerous attack and threat scenarios on their travels around the world, including potentially dangerous regions, and choose for this purpose the intriguing nature of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve


Survival sportsmen who want to learn this survival disciplne in real wilderness and to deepen their skills and knowledge in this way.

Training organization and training facilities:

In our specially designed CTS training area, exercises are also carried out with real weapons against impact poles to maximize the training effect. Disarmament drills against firearms are also carried out with real (unloaded) Firearms to simulate the scenarios as realistically as possible and to give participants an impression of "the harsh reality". Partner exercises are conducted under strict safety measures, but as realistically as possible.

Training content

CTS Krav Maga Weaponless:

Unarmed self-defense and third party protection (protection of friends, family, travel companions etc) against unarmed and armed attacks, including against heavy weapons and firearms. The starting point are situations that can happen to anyone at any time, even in everyday life. Unarmed self-defense capability is a requirement even when carrying a firearm when the gun can not be used for legal reasons, or when firearms are not immediately available due to surprise or short range attacks.


CTS Krav Maga Weapon:

This discipline is made for situations in which we can and may use special, improvised or primitive self-defense weapons against attacks involving significant or even lethal force.


Specialized weapons:

We train the participants in defensive weapons, which may also be brought into other countries, or can be procured locally (spear, bow and arrow, African mace = Kiri etc). If such weapons are available in the home (for example, for decoration purposes), they can also be used legally "at home" in the case of a violent attempt.


Improvised weapons:

This training is about tools that are carried in the "outback" on adventurous trips and can be used as weapons to defend against lethal force. In such a scenario (for us Africans this is not unusual), outdoor tools (hatchet, machete, hunting knife) can be used as a weapon.


Primitve weapons:

In addition, we train the use of weapons that can be made in a survival situation in the wild itself. Starting with simple stones, hand axes and horns of antelopes, which were already used by the earliest native Africans. In addition, spears, lances and throwing sticks up to the arrow + bow. Even military special forces train these techniques for the extreme case. Similarly, it can happen to any ranger or adventure traveler "in the outback".

Use of stone age rock tools: On Ondjou we train with hand axes that we make ourselves or find in the bush - these are then often thousands of years old! - A fascinating form of self-defense!


Advanced courses:

After completing the course, each participant is much more prepared for an emergency. But to be prepared for the infinite number of attacking scenarios requires a lot more training. That's why we offer CTS Krav Maga advanced courses - both here and in Germany.



Training content at a glance:





























The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Wilderness Training Experience: Our Crime + Terror Survival training is pure action in the wild, surrounded by Namibia's wild nature. The combination of fascinating scenery, wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa, and the certainty of significantly improving survival skills make Wilderness Self-Defender training a great adventure.

Verteidigung mit Urwaffen aus der Natur: Hörner von Tierenn



Verteidigung mit Speeren und Lanzen - auch selbstgefertigt aus der Wildnis



Verteidigung mit Schlagwaffen - auch selbstgefertigt in der Wildnis



Unbewaffnete Verteidigung gegen Angriffe mit Messer, Machete etc

CTS Krav Maga


Unbewaffnete Verteidigung gegen Bedrohungen mit Schusswaffen



Verteidigung mit Faustkeilen, selbstgemacht oder gefunden und tausende Jahre alt !





Verteidigung mit dem Multi-Outdoor-Tool - Machete



verteidigung mit dem Multi-Outdoor-Tool - Messer



Verteidigung durch Wurfwaffen - auch self-made



Nothilfe zum Schutz von Familie, Freunden oder anderen Unschuldigen



Gesetzliche Grundlagen der Notwehr und Nothilfe in aller Welt.



Herstellung von Notfallwaffen aus der Wildnis, aus Stein, Knochen oder Holz


Survival Shooting -


Ausbildung an Faustfeuerwaffen, Gewehren und Schrotflinten zur Selbstverteidigung


Survival Shooting -

Automatic Weapons

Ausbildung an Waffen, nach Entwaffnung von Terroristen oder Schwerkriminellen 


Survival Shooting -

Tactical Airsoft

Einsatz von Airsofwaffen zum taktischen Training und Simulation von Notwehrsituationen


Survival Shooting -

Firearm retention

Verteidigung der eigenen Schusswaffe gegen Entwaffnungsversuche


Survival Shooting -

Close Contact

Kombination von CTS Krav Maga und Hahkamofschiessen in extremer Nahdistanz


Survival Shooting -Move & Shoot

Survivalschiessen aus der Bewegung um Beschuss durch Angreifer auszuweichen


Survival Shooting -

Fast Point Shooting

Schnellstes Schiessen mit geringem oder gar keinem Gebrauch der Visierung


Survival Shooting -

Low Light Shooting

Schiessen bei schlechtem Licht und im Taschenlampenlicht


Survival Shooting -

Cover & Shoot

Schnelles Deckungnehmen und Schiessen aus der Deckung.


Survival Shooting -

Multi & Moving targets

Gegen mehrere bewaffnete Angreifer und Angriffe aus allen Richtungen


Survival Shooting -

From vehicles

Häufige Realität: Schiessen aus und um das Fahrzeug


Survival Shooting

Firearm safety & laws 

Sicherheitsrelevante und Juristischen Aspekte des Schusswaffeneinsatzes

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