How to escape into the Wild

Definition and Objectives: Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) is a program that trains the participants in the disciplines of wilderness survival, evasion and resistance against aggressors, as well as escape into the wild where pursuers will be left behind or discouraged to follow.
SERE was founded by the US Air Force at the end of World War II as a training program and was extended during the Vietnam War (1959-1975) subsequently to the entire US Army and taken over by other forces. The task is to escape and evade hostile forces and to return to friendly terrain. These skills can also be used by other professions, e.g. providing war correspondents and journalists in crisis areas, as well as adventure travelers, expedition members, exploration teams in areas of violent crime or terror. An anti-poaching ranger, for example, may be attacked by superior forces, flee and hide in the wild and head back to safety.


Building on the previous courses, the Evasion+Escape course requires all the wilderness skills the participant has acquired to this point. In this course, the participant must recognize dangers early, avoid them and flee in the deep wilderness in case of danger. This requires a high level of "familiarity" with the wilderness as well as confidence in the survival skills. - The SERE training is therefore also a test of the survival and outdoor abilities of the participant.


Ondjou Wilderness Reserve and the adjoining Damaraland - perfect terrain for SERE training:

In our huge, 10qkm training area all disciplines of the SERE scenarios can be trained perfectly. The climate and terrain correspond to many regions of the world where these SERE scenarios can occur. The ideal training conditions allow us to teach subjects and skills that can not be offered elsewhere in this form and quality. The region is located in the semi-arid climatic area, and therefore offers SERE training for deserts, steppe and savanna regions, including rough mountain and rocky terrain. The country is characterized by deserted vastness, lack of water, often heavy terrain and a plant and animal world, which are adapted to the harsh conditions. A whole series of potentially dangerous animals occurs. This and the high temperatures during the summer months and the frequent cold weather at night (even minus degrees), as well as extreme thunderstorms and flash floods in the rainy season demand a lot from the specialist ranger.

Our participants: 

Ranger who need this training module as part of their training course with us. Their training is therefore particularly challenging.


Safety-conscious people who want to be able to show moral courage in extreme situations in order to protect others or themselves


Security professionals or those who want to be, who want special training or to further improve their qualifications and who want to better prepare for emergencies in the course of their profession


Self defense practitioners who want to extend their abilities and broaden their horizon and learn how to act if confronted with "superior forces" 


Adventure travelers who want to prepare for dangerous attack and threat scenarios on their travels around the world


Survival sportsmen who want to learn this survival disciplne in real wilderness and to deepen their skills and knowledge in this way.

Safety-conscious people who want to improve their personal safety when traveling to "potentially risky regions" .

Journalists, researchers and others who work in volatile regions.

Adventurers who simply want to experience one of the biggest outdoor adventures available.

Training content

The Evasion+Escape course is a fascinating mix of elements from the Crime+Terror Survival and  Wilderness Survival. In addition to our proactive Crime+Terror Survival disciplines (CTS Self-Defense and CTS Shooting), the focus here is on avoiding confronation, de-escalation, proper escape tactics, and ensuring escape from danger - in this case, escaping into the wilderness:


The Adventure of a    Lifetime !


Evasion + Escape training is a very intense oudoor experience and preparation for the worst case. It is pure action in the wild, surrounded by Namibia's wild nature. The combination of fascinating scenery, wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa, and the certainty of significantly improving outdoor and survival skills make the course an unparalleled adventure.


Survival Scouting

Early risk detection - Seeing Without Being Seen


Deescalation Tactics

De-escalation of conflicts and verbal tactics to discourage attackers


Survival Evasion Tactics

Avoiding confrontations by both on the move or while camping


Survival Escape Tactics

Escape into wilderness from threat or acute attack


Survival Counter

Tracking Tactics

to shake off pursuers by counter tracking measures


Survival Run+Hit Self-Defense Tactics

Use of ambush attacks to discourage and slow down the pursuers

The Adventure of a    Lifetime !


Crime+Terror Evasion-Kurse in der Wildnis des Ondjou Wilderness Reserves sind eine ganz intensive Oudoorerfahrung, extremes Wildniserlebnis und Vorbereitung für den Ernstfall - überall auf der Welt. Durch unserer Erfahrungen auch mit extremen Notfall-Szenarien und den uns gegebenen Mitteln und Möglichkeiten auf Ondjou sind die Kurse für jeden Lebenslauf eine wertvolle Bereicherung. Die Professionalität des Trainings ist für alle Ranger = motivierten Outdoor- und Survivalsportler eine grossartige Herausforderung, ein unvergessliches Erlebnis und - natürlich - ein ultimatives afrikanisches Abenteuer.

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