Time in the wilderness

Professional background

All our training modules are designed to be equally important, helpful, and effective for outdoor life, safety, and survival for both professional rangers and non-professionals alike. However, this course is very much geared to the requirements of poaching and crime fighting in deep wilderness, which are especially the anti-poaching rangers, who take personal risks in order to fulfill their mission. An anti-poaching ranger does not only have to track poachers, but fight every form of crime in the wild. A professional Wilderness Guide is also responsible for the safety of its customers so far, that he must be able to act against crime in the context of the laws - and must have the appropriate training. For these reasons, Wilderness Law Enforcement is an indispensable part of the preparation for the professional ranger.


Civil application - civil courage rather than victimization:

Far away from civilization, where no police station is "around the corner" or can not even be called, the concern and danger of criminal or even terrorist attacks weighs even more. Therefore, this course is also of value for those who want to be able to act against crime and offenders, to support the legal prosecution or to protect the public from such criminals.



The Wilderness Law Enforcer is able to properly report criminal incidents to law enforcement agencies as well as to locate, identify, arrest and hand over offenders to the police.

Weapons as part of the survival gear:

Weapons that are used to defend against hostile humans can perform a triple function, as they can also be used for self-defense against dangerous animals as well as for survival hunting. The training of these disciplines complements each other. In general, defense weapons are one of the most important components of a survival equipment for "hot regions" of the earth.


Our Background:

We are very familiar with the requirements of Wilderness Law Enforcement due to our professional career. However, these scenarios can also affect anyone traveling to the wild or to "riskier" travel destinations (such as in Africa).


Ondjou Wilderness Reserve - perfect training conditions:

In our huge, 10qkm training area all disciplines of the Wilderness Law Enforcement can be trained perfectly. Ondjou offers the best natural conditions to exercise the tactics needed to apply law enforcement against offenders. The same applies to the preservation of evidence and detention techniques. As Ondjou is also affected by poaching, the training can be combined with a real (low risk) anti-poaching scout mission - if requested by the participants.


The training module is suitable for anyone, man and woman, who are interested in private law enforcement. Participants can be for example:

Ranger (Wilderness Guides, Anti-poacher Ranger and SERE Experts) who need this training module as part of their training course. Their training is therefore particularly challenging.


Safety-conscious people who want to be able to show moral courage in extreme situations in order to protect others or themselves


Security Professionals or those who want to be, who need law enforcement skills or to further improve their qualifications and to better prepare for emergencies in the course of their profession


Sport/Combat Shooters who want to train under ideal training conditions, and who want to extend their arsenal by learning professional law enforcement in the wild.


Martial artists who want to learn law enforcement to broaden their horizon and extend their abilities.


Adventure travelers who want to prepare for crime scenarios and private law enforcement on their travels around the world, and choose for this purpose the intriguing nature of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve


Survival sportsmen who want to broaden their horizon, and add this discipline to their arsenal of skills.

Training content


Wilderness Law Enforcer training is about the most effective ways to arrest suspects and to prosecute crime in the wild. Offenders arrested in the wild must be kept under control until the police arrive. Sometimes the perpetrator or suspect must also be transported to the nearest police, which is a considerable challenge. The arrest of offenders should only be risked if you receive professional training such as this course and are confident in doing so. However, anyone can contribute to combating crime by collecting evidence and preserving evidence, as well as by providing accurate reports to the security forces.


Tactical Airsoft Training: To make the training even more realistic, we can, at the request of the group, include airsoft training with which we can exercise completely safe for best training results.




Overview - Training content:




















The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Wilderness Law Enforcement training is always wilderness action, surrounded by Africa's wild nature, under Namibian sun and among Africa's wildlife. It's pure adventure - and lots of physical activity that challenges us every day. The combination of awe-inspiring landscape, wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa and significant personal development make the training an adventure of a lifetime.


Law Enforcer -

Tactical Tracking

Prosecuting and tracking of offenders 


Law Enforcer -

Raid Tactics

the overwhelming of criminals by stalk + raid tactics


Law Enforcer -

Ambush Tactics

the overwhelming of criminals by anbush + raid tactics


Law Enforcer -

Pursue tactics

The overwhelming of criminals by pursue tactics


Law Enforcer -

Search Tactics

Search in the wild for offenders or suspects


Law Enforcer -

Arresting Techniques

Control and detention of criminals 


Law Enforcer -

Suspect Transport

Transportation of a suspect into custody


Law Enforcer -

Crime reporting

Support law enforcement and police investigations


Law Enforcer -

Crime investigations

Search for and secure clues or evidence of a criminal offence

The Adventure of a Lifetime !

Crime+Terror Law Enforcement-Training ist immer auch Wilderness Survival und pure Action, umgeben von Afrikas wilder Natur, unter Namibia's Sonne und im Lebensraum der Wildtiere. Es ist Afrikaabenteuer pur - und mit jeder Menge körperlicher Action, die uns jeden Tag vor die Herausforderung des Lebens in der Wildnis stellt.  Die Kombination aus faszinierender Landschaft, Wildtierbegegnungen, dem Zauber Afrikas und der Gewissheit, seine Survival-Fähigkeiten wesentlich zu verbessern, machen das Training an der SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy zu einem grandiosen afrikanischen Abenteuer.  

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