To Africa - for wildlife and nature


We offer Africa and conservation enthusiasts the opportunity to work actively for the benefit of the environment and wildlife in Africa, while gaining unique African experiences.
Ondjou Wilderness Reserve was bought by the current owner Marco Grünert in 1993 as a cattle farm. The land use was exploiting and damaging nature and wildlife in an unecological way. Marco wanted to create a safe haven especially the here roaming elephants and large carnivores. Since then, the  populations of these animals have largely improved on Ondjou and in the surrounding area - but the negative pressure from non-ecological livestock farming and through poaching remains and the negative impact on the wild environment around it is still high. Predators are shot or poisoned for no reason, antelopes and zebras hunted as unwanted food competing for  livestock in too large numbers or get close to being extincted by poaching. Rhino and ivory poaching is an enormous threat to the survival of species, which are also a symbol of Africa's wildlife.

Authentic Africa experience - with the Africans
The normal safari tourists in Namibia miss - for reasons of time - on getting to know the people of the country - their mentality and the living conditions and life reality. In our nature conservation programs, participants can have this experience - living and working together with Namibians. The challenging work in nature is also a first class nature and wilderness experiences which are not possible on a "normal" Namibia tour .




Young and young-at-heart people, who want to get to know Africa's wilderness but also working in Africa and who want to contribute to the conservation of African nature and wildlife.


Namibia travelers who want to experience Namibia face-to-face and who want to experience what it is means to do nature conservation  in Africa / Namibia.

Namibia travelers, who by working in the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve, want to get to know the people of Namibia better - black and white -  and work with them.

There is a lot of work going on to make Ondjou's function as a safe haven for endangered wildlife even better. - This physically challenging activity in wild and remote areas requires robustness and motivation. Commitment is therefore a prerequisite for participation. Nevertheless, the comfortable and stylish accommodation in the Ondjou guest house with good food, cozy verandas, the evening campfire and the large swimming pool with great views over the countryside guarantees "charged batteries" for another long but rewarding working day in the wild.

Main tasks
The cooperation in Ondjou Wilderness Reserve includes the following main tasks:

Construction, improvement or maintenance of water points, feeding points and wildlife observation posts

Construction, improvement or maintenance of roads and trails

Construction, improvement or maintenance of infrastructure and cattle-safe fences (to avoid cattle intrusions from neighbouring farmland)



The Adventure of a Lifetime!


Participating in our nature conservation volunteering project is action-packed activity in and with nature - giving participants deep insights into the way of life in an African wildlife reserve. Its the best way to get to know "the Africans" for real - much more than a "normal" namibia travel can do. The combination of a terrific landscape, intensive wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa and the certainty of getting to know  true heart of Namibia without stress and away from mass tourism make the participation in the project a very special adventure and experience.

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