Trapping - Way of Survival


Food Shortage Survival training is not only designed to prevent starvation in the wild (dehydration is far more likely), but to alleviate the physical and mental weakness induced by starvation, which can indirectly, e.g. resulting in a fall or circulatory collapse, result in fatal consequences.

Trapping is an excellent addition to hunting and food gathering because relatively little effort can result in a substantial amount of necessary nutrients. In a real emergency survival situation, trapping is especially useful in "stationary survival"., while waiting for help for a long time at one point.

Trapping is still widely used in Africa for both legal food procurement - but also for poaching.

The risks of the wild nature, also food shortage and its threatening consequences, can meet anyone, who goes into the wilderness. We know the dangers of the wild, the risks of an extreme nature and environment that surrounds us every day. Dealing with these dangers is part of our life. 

Ondjou Wilderness Reserve and adjacent Damaraland - perfect training conditions:
In this huge area all survival disciplines including trapping can be trained perfectly. The region is located in the semi-arid climatic area, and therefore offers natural conditions for survival training for deserts, steppe and savanna regions, including survival in harsh mountain and rock regions. The country is characterized by deserted vastness, lack of water, often heavy terrain and a plant and animal world, which are adapted to the harsh conditions.


True Trapping - or simulated:

In addition to the construction and setting up of the traps we can - on request - apply traps to catch animals legally and ecologically responsible. The captured animal (usually wild birds) is then prepared and eaten, of course. A whole range of prey animals which can be caught in traps is present in large numbers on Ondjou.



Even with good equipment, survival in extreme wilderness is a challenge that requires intense training and the whole man. We refer to this best case as "Specialized Equipment Survival". But we also prepare for equipment that may fail or be unavailable. Then we have to improvise (Improvised Equipment Survival) and more and more live and survive just out of nature (Primitive Survival), focusing on the fascinating skills of the Namibian Bushmen (San) and other local natives tribes. 


Training content


Our Basic Trapper training includes not only traps but above all the necessary bushing skills and precise knowledge of the prey, without which the mere "setting up" of traps would be completely useless.
















The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Trapping is one of the most intensive ways of dealing with nature. The combination of terrific scenery, wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa and the certainty to significantly improve the survival skills, make the program one of the greatest adventures that can be experienced in nature.









Prey Animal


Trapping Pits

     "The Adventure of a    Lifetime !

Ranger-Training im Ondjou Wilderness Reserves ist eine ganz intensive Oudoorerfahrung, grossartiges Wildniserlebnis, aber auch bestmoegliche Vorbereitung für Outddorleben und Survival, - überall auf der Welt. Durch unserer Erfahrungen auch mit extremen Notfall-Szenarien und den Möglichkeiten auf Ondjou ist das Training nicht nur für profesionell Interessierte, sondern für alle motivierten Abenteurerreisenden, Outdoorer, Bushcrafter und Survivalsportler eine starke Herausforderung, ein unvergessliches Erlebnis und - natürlich - ein ultimatives afrikanisches Abenteuer.

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