Ranger training
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Our ranger training program prepares the participants for the following fields of duty:

1) Wilderness Guide

2) Anti-poaching ranger

3) SERE-Expert

The Wilderness Guide (also known as Safari Guide) takes customers (mostly adventure travelers, but also business people or research teams) into the wilderness - his main task is the safety of the guests. Secondly, as a wilderness guide, he / she must be a true nature guide and wilderness expert who knows even the deepest secrets of the wild nature.

Anti-poaching Rangers are "bush warriors for nature conservation". Through their presence, they prevent crimes against wildlife and nature, collect clues and evidence that lead to the arrest of such delinquents - and actively carry out such arrests themselves. Anti-poaching work is a security activity with a military-police character, surrounded by wild nature, and therefore requires a unique combination of knowledge and skills.

A SERE Expert is a trained wildlife specialist who escapes from criminal or terrorist attacks iinto the wilderness and lives and survives there until he can make his way back to a safe place. SERE is a military concept and stands for Survival Evasion Resistance Escape and is an important training resource for military special forces and pilots. SERE-Survival is not a "job" but a survival discipline and emergencies program and is a very important qualification for those who expect to face violence, crime and terror at work or on an adventure trip (eg journalists in crisis areas). SERE, too, requires a strong combination of wilderness survival as well as crime+terror survival skills.

Training blocks and training modules: The ranger training programs are consisting of 5 training blocks with a total of 20 modules.

Participants seeking a full Ranger qualification must complete this alltogether 90-day course, divided into the 5 blocks of 18 days each.

More detailed descriptions of the training blocks and training modules can be found under the course descriptions (see links).

Training Certificate: All of these training blocks and modules must be completed in order to receive the final certificate of completion to become a SurvivalZone Ranger (Wildlife Guide / SERE Expert) of the SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy.


In the Ranger training program, we distinguish two standards:

Ranger Class 1: For a Ranger Class 1-Final Graduation Certificate or Ranger Class 1 Course Certificate,  18-day training courses must be booked. These training courses are not only longer but also much more demanding and "tougher" than the Ranger Class 2 courses. These courses include marked theoretical and practical tests, which the participant must pass with at least 60% result in order to obtain a final certificate. If not, he./ she will receive a Ranger Class 2 certificate instead.

The Ranger Class 1 Certificate confirms the successful graduate that he / she has a high level of ability to protect himself/herself and others from the dangers of the wild as well as Crime + Terror threats, and to be able to sustain longer periods in the wild and even "feel at home" there. He / she has many in-depth special skills and special knowledge that are "rare" and can only be developed  through such special training courses.

Graduates who complete the training with more than 80% final result will receive an additional certificate from us that identifies them as a "SurvivalZone Basic Ranger Instructor".

Ranger Class 2: 15-day training courses are sufficient for a Ranger Class 2 Final Graduation Certificate or Ranger Class 2 certificate. These training courses are less demanding and more "relaxed" than in Ranger Class 1. The fun is in the foreground, there are no tests and more individual "choice" and adjustment of the training content to the individual participant or the group.

The Ranger Class 2 Certificate affirms the successful graduate that he / she has the ability to protect himself/herself and others from the dangers of the wild as well as against Crime + Terror threats, and being able to live in the wild and to feel comfortable there. He / she has many special skills and special skills that are "rare" and can only be trained through such special training courses.

Big adventure - pure Africa: All training courses are pure adventure and Africa experience....There is probably no other activity that offers so much personal fulfillment, development and new horizons of experience than the participation in our ranger training programs.


Social and conservation commitment - Donate by participation:

Any participant in our training programs can, if requested, enable a talented but destitute Namibian to attend the booked training course at the same time, thereby giving him / her a professional perspective as a ranger in the conservation or security sector. - Development aid in Africa can not be better and more direct!

Follow the links for more detailed information.

SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy - Ranger Training Program - Overview

Basic Ranger Course

Module 1: Basic Wild Nature Expert                               Fundamentals of zoology, botany and geology for guiding and survival

Module 2: Basic Wilderness Survivor                             Fundamentals of surviving in the wild 

Module 3: Basic Jaw + Claw Scout                                 Basics of avoiding confrontation with dangerous animals

Module 4: Basic Wilderness Medic                                 Basic First Aid under wilderness conditions


Bachelor Ranger Course

Module 5: Advanced Wild Nature Expert                        Advanced zoology, botany and geology for guiding and survival

Module 6: Advanced Wilderness Survivor                     Advanced knowledge and skills to survive in the wild

Module 7: Advanced Jaw + Claw Scout                          Advanced knowledge and skills to avoid confrontation with dangerous animals

Module 8: Advanced Wilderness Medic                          Advanced First Aid under wilderness conditions

Module 9: Basic Survival Hunter                                     Basic hunting for survival - use of primitive hunting weapons

Module 10: Basic Survival Trapper                                 Basics of trapping for survival

Module 11: Survival Trekking                                          Walking and living in the wilderness while being challenge with survival tasks


Master Ranger Course

Module 12: Advanced Survival Hunter                           Hunting with hunting rifles for survival 

Module 13: Long Range Shooter                                     Fundamentals of long distance shooting for hunting and security


Specialist Ranger Course

Module 14: Wilderness Evader & Escaper                      Evading and escaping criminals or terrorists and avoiding attacks and confrontations

Module 15: Basic Wilderness Self-Defender                  Fundamentals of unarmed and armed self-defense under wilderness conditions

Module 16: Basic Jaw + Claw Survival Shooter             Fundamentals of defensive shooting against attacks by dangerous animals


Expert Ranger Course

Module 17: Basic Crime + Terror Survival Shooter       Defensive shooting if attacked with deadly force by criminals or terrorists

Module 18: Wilderness Law Enforcer                             Law enforcement / support of law enforcement agencies if confronted with crime in the wild

Module 19: Advanced Jaw + Claw Survival Shooter     Advanced defensive shooting against attacks by dangerous animals

Module 20: Wilderness Rescuer                                      Search & rescue mission to save people in need for help in the wild

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