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Fascinating studies in remote wilderness


In the wild landscapes of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve, we have been conducting research on the Stone Age settlement of this 10 km² region for a few years, whose fascination is hard to beat.

This water- and wildlife-rich region in the dry valley of the Huab river, surrounded by wild mountains, has been a coveted hunting area and habitat for Stone Age hunters and gatherers since time immemorial. First known discovery are the very well preserved, approximately 4,000-year-old petroglyphs of a group of "hunter-warriors" in the north of Ondjou.

The challenge: 

Ondjou's huge, difficult-to-reach mountains and rocky regions are still largely unexplored and, as the signs reveal, many, undiscovered archaeological treasures from the Stone Age and early Iron Age are still waiting for discovery.


All Namibia travelers, who want to know and learn more about Namibia, its history and early human populations.

All Namibia travelers, who want to experience Namibia physically and mentally active and who are more interested in "quality time" in nature than driving through the country to visit the biggest tourist attractions. 

Namibia travelers, who have a deeper interest in the way of life of the early "Bushmen", and who want to learn more about the way they did survive in this land which didnt change its face since the time of the "bushmen"

Focus of research: Stone Age features
We focus on locating and identifying features and artifacts of the Stone Age hunters and gatherers who have lived in the area for the past 10,000 years or more. These are mainly rock art (rock engravings or petroglyphs), stone tools, caves with old fire places,remains of clay pots and rock "architecture", e.g. hunting blinds made out of rocks. The basic principle of our work is to leave everything as we found it. Nothing is taken. The artefacts are documented and cataloged - and remain on site. All data is recorded on computers, and ready to be shared with professional archaeologists for further evaluation.

Focus of research: Experimental Archeology
Our second study program deals with experimental archeology. We simulate and test methods that the Stone Age and early Iron Age hunters used to live and survive here. We also examine if and how these people who once lived on Ondjou could apply the same techniques that are still used by some San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert of Namibia and whether the locally available natural materials and environmental conditions were appropriate.

Research methodology
The participants receive a theoretical and practical instruction and apply these skills and knowledge in the bush, individually or in a team, together with one from our team. The activity can be done quite independently after a while. This is above all an intensive nature experience, being among the African wild animals in remote places - where one can completely forget "mass tourism". Tools are essentially camera, GPS, binoculars, map and notepad. The data obtained is then recorded on computer in the Ondjou guesthouse (lecture hall) and evaluated together with the project manager. At the end, a final report will be made. The results are made available to scientists for their detailed research.


Overview - Stone Age research programs:



























The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Participating in our research projects is action-packed activity in and with nature - giving participants deep insights into the African wilderness and history. The combination of terrific landscapes,  intensive wildlife encounters, the magic of Africa and the certainty of getting to know the true heart of Namibia without round trip stress and away from mass tourism make the participation in the project a very special adventure and nature travel experience.

Search for
Stone Age relics


Search for

Stone Age relics

Rock tools and other artefacts

Search for

Stone Age relics

Rock archeture and caves


Making and testing of stone age weapons and tools



Reconstruction and test of Stone Age shelters



Reconstruction and test of Stone Age hunting methods

The Adventure of a lifetime !

Die Teilnahme an unseren Forschungsprojekten ist eine actionreiche Aktivität in der Natur, die den Teilnehmern tiefe Einblicke in die afrikanische Wildnis und Geschichte gibt. Die Kombination aus großartigen Landschaften, intensiven Begegnungen mit Wildtieren, der Magie Afrikas und der Gewissheit, das "wahre Namibia" kennengelernt zu haben, machen diese Programme zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis und einzigartigem Abenteuer.

Dauer: 10 Tage - 8 Forschungstage sowie 2 Tage für Ruhe/Anreise/Abreise. Im Anschluss können zusätzliche Foto-Safari-Tage, auch zu weiteren archäologischen Höhepunkten Namibias, gebucht werden.

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