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Extremely important:

The importance of Medical Survival for the survival of injuries and health problems caused by the dangers of the wild, as well as by "Crime + Terror" or "Jaw + Claw" (Wildlife) can not be overstated. - Therefore, we also dedicate this topic special attention in the expert course. 

For Ranger, the rescue of people who are in need of help in the wild is one of the major professional tasks. - This applies to both colleagues and tourists or other people who have been injured, are ill or lost. But this task can occur to everyone who goes into the wilderness if a teammate does not return from a solo outing or when receiving emergency signals in the wilderness from strangers.


The search for and recovery of wounded in the wild is commonly referred to as "Search & Rescue". The Wilderness Rescuer must be able to recognize and follow rescue signals, identify and locate people in need of help and than rush for help, even through difficult terrain. - Fast action is usually needed because an injured person could be discovered by predators before help arrives. Proper first aid must be applied under wilderness conditions. The evacuation or transport of the inured person is the next challenge  - or to quickly get help, which is often a demanding walk through the wild.

The Wilderness Rescue course builds on the skills we've already acquired in the Basic and Bachelor's course, but goes much further in the requirements for the participant


Nature  & Wilderness Experience:

The Wilderness Search+Rescue Training is an intense, physically demanding action in wild nature. The Wilderness Rescuer must be tracker, scout and medic in one person. It also require a great deal of familiarity with the wild, wilderness survival skills and keen wilderness senses that the participants could develop in the previous courses. - This course is therefore, beside new things to learn, a challenge of the special class for the expert course participants.

Ondjou Wilderness Reserve - perfect training conditions:

In our 10qkm large training area all disciplines of the Search & Rescue can be trained perfectly. And: The wilderness and deserted vastness - because here the danger of the Enfallfall is permanently perceptible and comprehensible.


The training module is suitable for anyone who want to be able to rescue people in need in the wilderness. Participants can be for example:

Ranger (Wilderness Guides, Anti-poacher Ranger and SERE Experts) who need this training module as part of their training course. Their training is therefore particularly challenging.


Safety-conscious people who want to be able to show moral courage in extreme situations in order to protect others 


Security Professionals or those who want to be, who need search & rescue skills or to further improve their qualifications and to better prepare for emergencies in the course of their profession


Adventure travelers who want to prepare for search & rescue scenarios on their travels, and choose for this purpose the intriguing nature of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve


Survival sportsmen who want to broaden their horizon, and add this discipline to their arsenal of skills.

Training content

Our Wilderness Search+Rescue training has been developed for all realistic scenarios. In the wilderness, Search & Rescue missions are always in a hurry because the patient is at risk of injury, environmental hazards, or predators. Therefore, it require extremely good wilderness, tracking, and scouting skills to quickly locate and then bring the person-in-need to safety.

Overview - Training content:















The Adventure of a Life!

Nature Experience & Wilderness Experience: Wilderness Search+Rescue training, like all disciplines of ranger training, is an intense action in and with nature - and an exploration of the wild. The combination of grandiose scenery, wildlife encounters on foot, the magic of Africa and the certainty to drastically improve survival skills in an emergency, is a matchless adventure - and an experience of a lifetime.

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