Escape into the wilderness


Definition and Objectives: Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) is a program that trains the participants in the disciplines of wilderness survival, evasion and resistance against aggressors, as well as escape into the wild where pursuers will be left behind or discouraged to follow. SERE was founded by the US Air Force at the end of World War II as a training program and was extended during the Vietnam War (1959-1975) subsequently to the entire US Army and taken over by other forces. The task is to escape and evade hostile forces and to return to friendly terrain. These skills can also be used by other professions, e.g. providing war correspondents and journalists in crisis areas, as well as adventure travelers, expedition members, exploration teams in areas of violent crime or terror. An anti-poaching ranger, for example, may be attacked by superior forces, flee and hide in the wild and head back to safety.

Even for those who want to prepare for crisis scenarios in their home country, this training program is ideally suited.

Ondjou Wilderness Reserve - perfect terrain for SERE training: In our huge, 10-square-meter training area, all disciplines of the SERE scenarios can be perfectly trained. The climate and terrain conditions also correspond to many regions of the world where SERE scenarios can occur. The ideal training conditions allow us to teach subjects and skills that can not be offered elsewhere in this form and quality.


Rangers, or those who want to be
Professionals, in the broadest sense, who work in related professions and who want to extend their qualifications, which can be helpful in future applications.
Adventure and extreme travelers who want to prepare for an emergency during their travels into "hot regions" of the world.
Bushcrafter, oudoor and survival sportsmen, who want to get to know the wide-ranging application of their sport / hobbies in the professional field and who would like to significantly improve their skills and knowledge in all fields of "survival".
Sport / Combat shooters and martial artists, who seek broadening horizons and at the same time want to experience the magnificent adventure that this training offers.
"Prepper" and security conscious people who want to improve their personal safety at home and when traveling to volatile regions.
Journalists, researchers and others who work in volatile regions.
Adventurers who simply want to experience one of the biggest outdoor adventures available.

Training certificate: All training modules (see link) must be completed in order to receive the final certificate of the SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy at the end of the training. - The certificate confirms the successful graduate that he / she has a high level of wilderness experience, as well as many special skills and knowledge.

Being proud of one's own achievement is therefore appropriate in view of the challenges of a ranger training. Even for those who do not want to use this professionally, the training brings a lot of personal development and a valuable asset to their own lives.

Fitness and requirements: In addition to theoretical training in the classroom (about 10%), the training always takes place outside in the wilderness. The training does NOT aim to test participants' fitness but focuses on knowledge and skills training. There are no "brutal marches", more than average fitness is not required, although a high level of fitness is of course of great advantage. However, every participant should always have some physical and mental resilience and good health.

Social and conservation project - Donate by participation: Any participant in our programs may, upon request, enable a talented but impoverished Namibian to attend the booked training course at the same time, thereby enabling him / her to gain a professional perspective as a ranger. - Development aid and the good deed in Africa can not be better and more direct !

The description of the 5 training blocks with 18 days each plus the description of the corresponding training modules can be found under the links.


The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Through our experience with emergency scenarios and the resources and opportunities given to us, courses are an enrichment to any resume. - The professionalism of the training is also a great challenge for "non-professionals", a powerful personal development and - of course - an ultimate African adventure that guarantees unforgettable impressions and experiences.

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Auffinden von Menschen-in-Not durch verschiedene Methoden



Notfallberichterstattung an medizinsiche Notdienste



Bergung von Verletzten aus schwierigem Gelände



Transport von Patienten aus der Wildnis an einen sicheren Ort



Sicherung eines Verletzen in der Wildnis und Hilfe-holen



Erste Hilfe-Leistung für eine verletzte Person

The Adventure of a Lifetime !

Der Wilderness Search&Rescue-Spezialkurs bietet dem fortgeschrittenen Teilnehmer die Möglichkeit, eine komplette Ausbildung in der Arbeit dieser Spezialisten zu erhalten. Der Kurs ist vielfältigste Action umgeben von Afrikas wilder Natur, unter Namibia's Sonne und im Lebensraum der Wildtiere. Es ist Afrikaabenteuer pur - und mit jeder Menge körperlicher Action, die uns jeden Tag vor neue Herausforderungen stellt.  Die Kombination aus faszinierender Landschaft, Wildtierbegegnungen, dem Zauber Afrikas und der Ausbildung in einer der faszinierensten Sicherheitsdienstleistungen, machen den Kurs an der SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy zu einem grandiosen Abenteuer, einem unvergesslichem Erlebnis und einer starken persönlichen Weiterentwicklung.  

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