Wildlife Research:

Africa's Wildlife - Intense

"More" of Africa than traditional photo safaris.

Wildlife research is "quality time with wild animals" and gives much more insight into Africa's nature and wildlife than a photo safari. Instead of being a tourist, the participant has to become familiar with the bush and its animals in order to achieve the goals of the program.


Ondjou Wilderness Reserve has been an established wildlife reserve since 1993, where wildlife finds its home and is protected from extinction.Ondjou is a huge, 10qkm private nature reserve located in the semi-arid climatic area with a variety of different ecosystems. The country is characterized by a diverse and fascinating plant and animal world, which is adapted to the harsh conditions. Several rare, protected and endemic species occur here.

Training and research in the wilderness:

The participants receive a short training course from the project manager Marco and then venture - with one of us as guide and assistant - into the wild for data collection. The data obtained is then recorded on computer and evaluated with the project manager. All data will be shared with our scientific advisors for further processing.

Main research methods:

a) Control and evaluation of wildlife cameras

b) Track analysis

c) Wildlife observations

d) Tracking with GPS, eg for exploration of migratory movements


Rangers and nature conservationists, who want to to improve their qualifications.
Nature lovers, who want to get to know the nature and wildlife of Namibia in depth.

Adventurers and Africa enthusiasts who simply seek a particularly intensive experience of nature and wildlife and an unforgettable African adventure.

Wildlife research on Ondjou focuses on the following projects:

The adventure of a lifetime!


Nature & Wilderness Experience: Like all our programs of the SurvivalZone Wilderness Academy, wildlife research with us is an intense action in and with nature - and an exploration of the wild. The combination of grandiose scenery, wildlife encounters on foot, the magic of Africa and the certainty to drastically improve survival skills in an emergency, is a matchless adventure - and an experience of a lifetime.



in the Ondjou Wlderness Reserve and adjacent Damaraland


of the most common ungulates in the game reserve (antelopes and zebras)


Population studies - Behavioral Research - Migration Routes


Populations studies and migration routes of leopards, lions and hyenas

Mountain zebra

Population studies - Behavioral Research - Migration Routes



Population studies - Behavioral Research - Migration Routes

The Adventure of a lifetime !

Die Teilnahme an unseren Forschungsprojekten ist eine actionreiche Aktivität in der Natur, die den Teilnehmern tiefe Einblicke in die afrikanische Wildnis und Geschichte gibt. Die Kombination aus großartigen Landschaften, intensiven Begegnungen mit Wildtieren, der Magie Afrikas und der Gewissheit, das "wahre Namibia" kennengelernt zu haben, machen diese Programme zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis und einzigartigem Abenteuer.

Dauer: 10 Tage - 8 Forschungstage sowie 2 Tage für Ruhe/Anreise/Abreise. Im Anschluss können zusätzliche Foto-Safari-Tage, auch zu weiteren archäologischen Höhepunkten Namibias, gebucht werden.

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